Book “Extreme Herbalism”English version+M3KFarm

Book “Extreme Herbalism”English version+M3KFarm



The emancipation of prevention

73 Pages

23 Herbal Action Flashcards


Self-publishing BOOK in A5 format paper

The officinal pulverizer M3kfarm is free and will be shipped together


Technical features of the M3kfarm
Color: Silver
• The steel sieve is a 0.28mm stainless steel mesh
• The piston in contact with the shaft is made of aluminium with a light nickel plating
• Aluminium alloy body height 85mm
• Body diameter 56mm
• Height of glass container 30mm
• Weight 244 g
• Washable and removable in 4 pieces

In summary, we can identify different phases of use of M3kfarms according to the scheme:

1. Volumetric Plant Grip
2. Loading the M3kfarm and Closing
3. Pulverization and collection
4. Intake in infusion by sedimentation or direct sublingual intake

Who needs it?

The M3kfarm Officinal Pulverizer was created for all those who love phytotherapy in its purest form: Herbalists, Pharmacists, Naturopaths, Homeopathic Doctors and Phytotherapists, people who want to use plants as a source of well-being

What is it for?

A device used to chop flowers and leaves, consisting of several complementary rotating parts and a calibrated sieve. The funnel helps to collect dust easily. It is an object that sums up the very concept of herbalism
Pulverizes most medicinal plants and dried spices
Increases Bioavailability and Extraction

You can use the Officinal Pulverizer to…..
To use the plant as it is.
Not to be dependent on paper or iron filters and all that this entails in terms of flavour and hygiene.
To express all the aromatic fraction of the plant with a pulverization at the moment.
To be able to use the plant as an infusion or directly to be ingested.
To allow a phytotherapeutic use of the plant according to the medical prescriptions mentioned in the literature and in the pharmacopoeia, ensuring excellent bioavailability.
For a possible use of medicinal and aromatic plants also in cooking and food.
A single tool that allows you to treat and take the largest number of medicinal plants in an extremely direct way.
A single tool that allows you an extremely sustainable approach to herbalism.
A single tool that allows you to be consistent with your lifestyle.
A single utensil that can empty your drawers of innumerable supplements and expensive herbal products.
A single tool that allows a direct relationship with the plant without technical and commercial intermediation: just me and the plant!

Allows you not to use herbal tea filters (paper or iron)
Allows direct use of the plant
Allows direct ingestion of the plant
Allows the use of the entire phytocomplex
Save CO2 emissions.


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